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Latest WDON news

Landmark broadcast

Well, maybe, maybe not. Can’t see Sony knocking on the door with any awards.
Point being, here’s the complete broadcast from that day when the Dons took a step up the ladder. 50MB, 3 and a half hours, download it locally and play it from there. Much better.

And, finally…

When it goes to the last kick of the season to know whether you’re going to Barnet or Barrow, you know it’s been a tough road.
All boiled down to Captain Kedwell, one small kick for a man, a giant leap for a club. Not to forget Seb Brown lending a hand or two.
Hit me baby, [...]

Play-off final coverage

Like those waiting for tickets from iseenotickets.com, we’ve been nervous but WDON is now officially approved to cover the game from the City of Manchester Stadium. Coverage will begin whenever we get round to it, or earlier if we clear out the press lounge.
Join us in the virtual stadium, or get in touch via twitter [...]

Fleetwood Town, February 2011

Another quick burst of a mishap claiming the points v Fleetwood?
Goal versus Fleetwood

Player Interviews

Let’s see who we’ve chatted to on the playing staff and dig out the interviews where possible.
There’s been Brett Johnson. Once. Twice.
And Lee Minshull. Once.
And Sammy Moore. Once.
And Ismail Yakubu and Ed Harris. Once.
And Fraser Franks. Once.
And Jamie Stuart. Once.
And Ryan Jackson. Once.
And Jack Turner. Once.
And Ricky Wellard. Once.
There was Andre Blackman, but the audio [...]

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